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Eveything to do with Calm and Restorative
For calming the mind, for muscular aches and pains, for removing make-up and nail varnish, for tired eyes, and for building immunity.
Everything to do with Sleep
Sleepwear and loungewear, bedding, cooling and heating.
Everything to do with Beauty
Body care, nail care, hair / scalp care, and make-up.
Everything to do with Clothing
Fabrics for Summer (pure linen, bamboo, 100% cotton, and fine cashmere), and Winter (Cashmere, lambs wool, and bamboo).
Everything to do with Food & Nutrition
Fueling your body, nourishing your soul: exploring the world of Food & Nutrition

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Skincare, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, treatments and tips for people living with, undergoing treatment for or living post breast cancer.

They say that cancer is a journey or a club that nobody wants to be part of and of course that rings true. However, in sharing my findings, I hope that this will make your experience a little less rubbish and may even bring you a smidgen of comfort and tranquillity. So welcome to my club.

The products I have shared on this site range from makeup and beauty to clothing and even bedding. Some things I researched out of desperation (everyone going through chemo needs bamboo clothing in their lives) or just from Chinese whispers (wearing nail polish helps you to retain your nails during treatment) etc.

I slowly began to realise that with an increase of knowledge and understanding, comes an increase of empowerment. And that empowerment translated into more Self Love and Self Care.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


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