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For Calming The Mind

Nelsons Bach's Rescue Night Spray

A must for anxious evenings or when travelling. I find the spray is easier to have on the move than the drops but both work well.

CBD Brothers Original Alternative CBD Oil

I have used CBD oil long before I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but I find taking this morning and night helps with things get a little overwhelming. This brand is the oldest provider of cannabis extracts in the UK. I have found them to be the best. The oils come in different strengths (colour editions) so it’s worth checking with the company as to which one would be good for you.

Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Forehead Balm

I am a huge advocate of this brand, especially the muscle recovery balm (see below). This SOS forehead balm is infused with peppermint, eucalyptus and menthols to give relief for tired and frazzled heads. Simply rub the balm stick onto each temple and you’re good to go. Definitely a handbag must.

Silk Works Eye Mask

The benefits of using a silk eye mask are numerous, but when undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I found mine indispensable. My sleep was disrupted and a mask helped me to relax and unwind, even if sleep wasn’t an option. Eye masks help to block light, and by doing this they in turn boost our mood and can help to relieve depression. They prevent exposure to harmful light from phones and devices, and the gentle pressure of the mask has a natural calming effect that helps release more serotonin to the brain. Silk fabric has a natural calming effect, is super soft and gentle on the skin and can help the delicate skin around the eyes.

Mind Panda Stress Balls

These soft gel balls are infused with essential oils, three in each pack and each one a different strength. Squeeze in overwhelming situations - I still travel with mine especially in airports or on planes and love them. There are 3 themes to choose from: Empower, Gratitude and Motivate.


For Muscular Aches and Pains

Aroma Active Laboratories Muscle Recovery Balm

An absolute must for any aches and pains. I used this on my arm post surgery to help with the pain. It is infused with arnica, phytocannabinoids for pain relief and lavender for soothing. I use regularly post workout if needed.

For Removing Make-Up and Nail Varnish

Bambaw Reusable Make-Up Pads

These are wonderful alternatives to cotton wool and can be used time and time again. I have a little stack of them and wash as I go. Totally brilliant.

For Tired Eyes

Hydrea Bamboo Lavender Eye Pillow

I would use this pillow post chemotherapy and whenever I rested during the day. The pillow is scented by using real lavender flowers and weighted using rice, helping muscles to relax.

Space Masks

LBD highly recommends this mood-boost in a box. Kind to sensitive skin, spacemask is perfect for stashing in carry-on luggage for a plane trip or weekend away or a night in where you simply need a bit of R&R. It combines the functions of an eye mask and a face pack, is great for soothing puffy eyes and for aiding with sleep. It has a gentle warming effect on the skin and gentle scents are subtle and calming. Purchase in boxes of 5 or 7, available in jasmine, orange & grapefruit, chamomile or rose.

For Building Immunity

doTerra On Guard

doTerra essential oils have benefits that support emotional and physical health. I have used them for years. This brand in particular because there are 3 ways of using them; Aromatically (breathing in the oil), Topically (applying the oil to the skin - diluted with a carrier oil) or Internally (certified pure tested grade essential oils can be taken internally by adding to a drop of water, or putting in a veggie capsule). Not all doTerra's oils can be ingested but this is made clear on each oil packaging. On Guard supports the immune system’s natural functions and offers a fragrant natural and effective anti-bacterial alternative. Add a drop to a cup of tea; add a couple of drops to a wet cloth and wipe down the kitchen surfaces; rub on your feet during the winter season to keep colds at bay.

Always check with your oncologist or GP when taking supplements during any cancer treatment.

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