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Bamboo sleepwear just works if you are undergoing treatment, especially chemotherapy or any treatment that catapults you into menopause. You need soft, natural wicking fabrics that protect the skin but also allow it to breathe.  Bamboo is hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin; it is insulating keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer (it will help with hot flashes and cold shivers); sweat-resistant absorbing up to 70% more moisture than cotton but without retaining any odours (great for night sweats) and it is environmentally friendly as it is a more sustainable textile.

Plus once you try bamboo, you’ll want to wear it all the time and there are some really lovely brands out there to check out. My two favourites are:

Serena Days Sleep/loungewear. A gorgeous blend of luxuriously soft bamboo that melts on the skin and a range that covers sleep dresses and trousers sets to vest & short combos and belted robes. Each piece comes in four colourways: ivory, spiced chai, true black and pebble grey.
BAM is a sustainable bamboo clothing brand that not only makes great clothes (loungewear included) it also is super eco-friendly. The Origin sleeveless top and t-shirt are my go-to lounge or bed tees plus their Grace yoga pants are the most comfortable pants I have ever put on.  I admit that I did use them as pj bottoms during my treatment as my night sweats were hideous but these kept my temperature as regulated as possible and the moisture wicking fabric was superb.  The Gathered Hem tees are also an absolute godsend as they are a tad longer, super flattering and sit just on the hip or by the bottom and are a great throw on if going out and want comfortable layering clothes.


Silk pillow cases are not only cooling for the skin and excellent at repelling night sweats, they also help protect fragile hair and skin. I take mine away on holiday with me. Take care when buying as to the silk content, 100% is the best and worth the investment.

Linen sheets and duvets are a definite indulgence. But when undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy where menopausal symptoms are an everyday occurrence, I found them to be so beneficial. I have always bought mine in the sale and keep an eye out for great deals as bedding can be expensive at the best of times. If looked after, they last for ages and look beautiful too.

Cooling and Heating

Weighted blankets and cooling weighted blankets.  I found mine incredibly helpful during treatment when my bones ached and I was over-tired but sleep didn’t come naturally. I still use it now for relief from anxiety and when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The cooling system helped give some respite from the hot flashes, especially at night. There are lots of different options on the market.

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