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The more natural the fabric, the better it will feel on your skin. The more sustainable the item, the better in the long run as it will last so much longer.

Fabrics for Summer
Fabrics for Winter

Long sleeves in the summer months can be a godsend when it is super warm as they will protect your skin from damaging rays. Linen shirts or shirt dresses are cool and allow the skin to breathe.

Winter is for more layering – lambs wool or cashmere (lots of high street brands doing it). Heavier Bamboo fabrics can be worn underneath.

Invest in pieces that will last and that you can wear post treatment. Clothing does not need to break the band; High Street brands create really good pieces, and many High Street brands are moving into a more ethical arena. All are available to purchase online, so you can do your research before you buy.


Great High Street brands for more sustainable pieces…

For the more high end investment pieces look at…

Check out your local boutiques too – online or on foot…

Stores in Colchester and Manningtree
Store in Stowe on the Wold
Stores in London, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Store in Herne Hill, London

Bra Shopping

This is an absolute minefield and should come with a warning to drink lots of wine before and after.  To say that the following lady saved me, is probably an understatement.  She was absolutely wonderful and gave me so many options when I was feeling really low about bra wearing and how to deal with it.

For absolute guru advice, seek out Julie Blanche at the Bra Consultancy in Maldon, Essex.  Julie and her team have a wealth of experience about finding the right bra for women following surgery for breast cancer treatment. She offers an extensive range of post surgery and mastectomy bras as well as a full range of standard and partial breast prosthesis. Julie also offers a great range of pocketed swimwear and prosthesis that will withstand salt- water or chlorine

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